Windows 11 Pro Lite for low end PC by Ghost Spectre

Windows 11 Pro Lite for low end PC by Ghost Spectre is a Windows 11 Lite v23H2 build build 22631.2861 that is customized and optimized for gaming needs or low-end devices.
Windows 11 Pro Lite for low end PC by Ghost Spectre

Windows 11 Pro Lite Features:

  • Improve DirectX12
  • Compact Integrated + LZX (algorithm)
  • Bloatware FREE!!
  • Optimized Pagefile/Services/Scheduled/Search Indexer
  • Privacy Optimizations & Performante mode!
  • Ghost Toolbox! (Add or Remove Windows Store and Much More!)
  • Support any Other Language & Keyboard
  • Support UWP Games / UWP Apps (ex. Forza/GOW/etc etc)
  • Updatable (can update to latest build windows 11!)
  • Window update can be paused until 2077!
  • With custom Icons packs / Windows Themes pack!
  • Built-in TPM or Without TPM

Deactivate OR Remove Component:

  • Removes Windows Apps and System Apps
  • Removes Windows Security / Defender / Smartscreen
  • Disable Remote Desktop  / Tablet keyboard / NFC / Clipboard  / Focus Assist (Superlite only)
  • Disable Print spooler (If you need printers please set Auto in Services)
  • Removes OneDrive (can get it back using ghost toolbox)
  • Disable Action Center / Notifications (Superlite only)
  • Disable Telemetry (Superlite only)
  • Removes Errors reports (Superlite only)
  • Disable UAC (Never notify)
  • Removes WinSxS backup

Windows 11 Pro Lite Screenshots:

Windows 11 Pro Lite for low end PC by Ghost Spectre

Important Information Before installing This Modified OS:

This is untouched version, no tweaking just removing apps/bloatware.
for Standard Users* – (Suitable for Office/Laptops/Tablet/Servers/OEM etc etc)

This version already tweaked and removing apps/bloatware etc.
for Advanced Users* – (Suitable for Gaming and Streaming)

Windows 11 Pro Lite System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 4GB or Higher
  • Hard Disk: 40GB or Higher ( Highly recommended using SSD/nVME on Windows 11)
  • Processor: 2-4 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 cores or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor.

Windows 11 Pro Lite v23H2 build 22631.2861 Download Link

  • File Size : 4.4 GB
  • Format : 7zip / ISO
  • Link OneDrive : Click Here
  • Link Uploadrar : Click Here
  • Password : 23h2u4

Remember, it's crucial to research thoroughly, understand the risks involved, and proceed with caution when installing modified operating systems on your devices.

Windows 11 Pro Lite for Low-End PC by Ghost Spectre - FAQ

Q: What is Windows 11 Pro Lite by Ghost Spectre?
A: Windows 11 Pro Lite is a modified version of the Windows 11 operating system optimized for low-end PCs by Ghost Spectre, aiming to provide a smoother experience on less powerful hardware.

Q: What are the key features of this version?
A: Ghost Spectre's Windows 11 Pro Lite is streamlined for performance, removing resource-heavy elements to enhance speed and efficiency on low-end machines. It prioritizes essential functionalities while maintaining the Windows 11 experience.

Q: Is this version officially supported by Microsoft?
A: No, this is a modified version created by Ghost Spectre and is not endorsed or supported by Microsoft. It's essential to exercise caution when installing unofficial OS versions.

Q: What are the hardware requirements for this Lite version?
A: Ghost Spectre's Windows 11 Pro Lite is designed for low-end PCs, focusing on usability for systems with limited resources like older processors, lower RAM, and modest storage.

Q: Is it safe to install this version on my PC?
A: While Ghost Spectre's modifications aim to improve performance, using unofficial OS versions always carries some level of risk. Ensure you back up your data and understand potential risks before installation.

Q: Can I update this Lite version in the future?
A: Updates for modified OS versions might differ from official updates. Ghost Spectre may provide updates or patches, but it's advisable to follow their guidelines and check for compatibility before updating.

Q: Where can I find support or assistance for this version?
A: Ghost Spectre may have a dedicated support community or online forums where users can seek guidance, troubleshoot issues, or find helpful tips related to this Lite version.

Q: Can I revert to my previous OS after installing this Lite version?
A: Reverting to a previous OS might vary in complexity and feasibility. It's recommended to create a backup and understand the restoration process before installing any modified OS.

Q: Are there any legal implications of using this modified OS?
A: Using modified versions of operating systems may breach licensing agreements. Ensure you understand the legal implications and potential consequences before installing.

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